Monday, April 19, 2010


Before Facebook was launched, Xanga ( used to be the website that I frequent at least 5 times each day. My friends were the ones who got me into using Xanga, a website that hosts weblogs, photoblogs, videoblogs, audioblogs, and social networking profiles. I like Xanga because it allows users to create their own visualizations or use the sample layouts that are already created by other users. Everyone's Xanga can be decorated in a unique theme according to each user's preference. Even though Xanga is largely supported by advertisings and that ads tend to appear on the top of most pages, I am still able to read the blogs with no distraction because the texts are well distinguished from the ads. In addition, Xanga is a simple and easy to use website that the users can easily pick up in a timely manner. Now that Facebook is the dominating social networking webiste, Xanga would be the site that I frequentm only on my spare time.

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