Monday, April 19, 2010

HYPEBEAST: Online Magazine for Fashion and Culture

Hypebeast ( is a prominent urban streetwear blog covering virtually every aspect of the scene from the creative masterminds to the created masterpieces. The site features coverage of latest product releases, interviews with industry professionals, lifestyle photography, music, as well as a forum for avid enthusiasts.

The overall organization of the home page echoes a very minimalist type of design, utilizing mostly neutral colors for the layout and theme. The menu bar at the top of the page is simple, yet effective, organizing the main aspects of the web site and providing users with a search bar to better facilitate navigation. The home page features the most recent articles, or blog entries, organized by date published in the "What's New" section. The entries each include a title, small picture, and a short description of the feature that can be expanded and viewed in detail at the click of a button. The advertisements are kept completely separate from the features and aligned along the right side of the layout, which keeps the page clean and simple. In addition to the entries published by Hypebeast itself, there is a separate section with links to personal blogs of industry professionals and aficionados.

Overall, Hypebeast provides extensive coverage of the modern-day urban fashion scene. Its compatibility with Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and Email makes the information accessible in more convenient ways, reaching out to a broader and more socially active audience than previously possible. The combination of characteristics from online blogs and communities as well as printed magazines and lookbooks makes for a highly innovative, yet still very familiar media for users experience and embrace.

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