Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Visual Navigation (vNav)

vNav Overview
vNav, or Visual Navigation, is a visual technology product envisioned and proposed by my MGMT 107 project team last quarter in our final business plan. vNav provides drivers with a new, innovative driving experience in which users are able to not only navigate via GPS, but would also be presented with additional layers of information in order to increase situational awareness of the drivers' surroundings. With the vNav device mounted on the dash of a car, vNav projects a visual display onto the car's windshield giving the user a non-obtrusive augmented reality-like view of additional layers of information in real-time (see Figure 1). By having the device pull from online data sources, such as Yelp and Google Maps, the driver could have helpful layers of information displayed to the car's windshield (IE> yelp reviews, navigation info).

Figure 1: vNav Dashboard Overview

Visual Navigation Design Concerns
Designing a successful visual navigation product would require much consideration into the design of the device and the safety of the users utilizing the device in their cars. Having a heads-up display projected on the windshield of the car could be very distracting for users and result in the attention of the driver being adverted away from the road (see figure 2). Much investment into the HCI usability issues and visual designs of the technology must be researched in order to create such a visually stunning product.

Figure 2: Bad Design

- Matt Shigekawa

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