Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blog #2 Web Trend Map of 2007

After looking for some interesting visualizations, this one caught my eye as by far the most intriguing and interesting. This visualization shows the 200 most successful websites pinned down on the Tokyo Metro Map. They are ordered by category, proximity, success, popularity and perspective. At first sight this map seems confusing but after looking at the key it is easy to read. The key shows how they distinguish the type of website, such as light pink for sharing websites and light green for news.The color scheme makes it easy to facilitate through the map and get a sense of which websites are popular and the connections between them. For example, if you follow the light green line you get all the news sites. Also, it shows another characteristic of the website which is the forecast and web X.X version. The forecast can be at different stages such as nice, insecure, or storm which demonstrate the six month prognosis for each candidate. The website version is stated because it gives an idea of which version companies are using and can be compared relatively to their success. For example, I noticed that all of the sites that are doing well are usually above 1.0 like eBay and Facebook. Overall, this visualization caught my attention because it showed so many relationships clearly all in one image by using different colors, shapes, sizes and lines.

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