Sunday, April 18, 2010

Visually Appealing Blogs

I am a huge Disneyland fan. I eat, sleep, and breath everything about the parks. I love to study the history and secrets of the resort. What I always wanted to find was a blogging site that allowed users to post pictures of the rides (such as construction on new attractions). is a free blogging site that connects Disney Park lovers from all across the world. Like Professor Redmiles mentioned, it is a big plus for a blogging website to allow pictures to be uploaded into posts. Since I can't be at the parks everyday (I probably would if I didn't have school and work) I like to check the progress on the California Adventure refurbishments on this site. There are a large number of users who post pictures every day. On the left side of the screen there is a thumbnail picture that describes what the blog that you are viewing is about. In addition, each user has a personal image that shows up on the right sides of all of their posts. If you click on a user's image, it will take you to their personal blog. This blog site is user friendly and easy to navigate thanks to a menu on the top of the screen with tabs. If you drag the cursor over a tab a drop down menu appears with links to pages that pertain to the tab's title.

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