Friday, April 16, 2010

Professional Minimalist Blogs

A trend I’ve noticed with amateur blogs is that they try to fit too much information in one screen. The blog ends up looking cluttered, and the viewer suffers from information overload and general annoyance. Professional blogs (especially corporate blogs) avoid this mistake by using minimalistic designs that highlight the essential information of the blog. These designs tend to be visually appealing. Valve’s Team Fortress 2 blog is a good example of this. Instead of using fancy web design, the blog is left simplistic to make the text as readable as possible. Simple color scheme and few features besides the main content of the blog are characteristics of a minimalistic design. The Team Fortress 2 blog is no exception to these characteristics. The right menu bar includes helpful links, (such as major updates, links, etc.) but otherwise unnecessary features are left out from the blog. Another good minimalistic blog is the Facebook blog. It has a few more features than the Team Fortress 2 blog, such as more areas designating important links and a section including the most popular blog posts. However, none of these features clutter the main content in the blog. Overall, the Facebook blog design is still minimalistic and visually appealing. In these two blogs, we can see that the lack of information can also help a blog become visually appealing.

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