Monday, April 19, 2010


A blog I find visually appealing (and one I happen to visit regularly) is called Kotaku. Kotaku is a blog geared towards video gamers, offering opinions, information on current events, game reviews, and more. It's my go to destination for all things video game. What I probably like best about it (aside from the intelligent and humorous writing) is its design. Unlike most blogs I've seen, including this one, navigating it doesn't involve wading through walls of text. Often times, I find myself scrolling more than I read, and wishing that each post could've been given a quick summary or preview so that I could decide if I wanted to look further into it. Kotaku not only offers that, but accompanies each post with an related image. Now the image isn't always integral to the post, but it still offers a different and easier way of navigating through them. Not only that, but Kotaku will sometimes blow up the size of some of these pictures to command greater attention to it. These stories tend to be the more interesting ones of the blog, and the ones I'd be the most interested in reading.

The pictures aren't the only good thing about it either. The titles for each blog post deserve a mention as well. They are clear, distinct, and stand out from the other text on the page without being distracting or obnoxious. This blog, for example, chooses some rather light colors that can be a bit of an eye strain on brighter monitors. Kotaku also allows one to simplify its already simple layout by allowing you to filter your searches by tags or by keyword searches. Videos are also clearly marked with the universal marker for streaming video (a "play" button). Finally, it's decor is also simple and aesthetically pleasing, without being over zealous.

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