Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mapping the 7 Deadly Sins?

This visualization caught my eye because, well, it isn't something you would imagine to be done. A team at Kansas University utilized infographics to map out the 7 deadly sins across the United States by plotting per-capita stats on things that represent greed, envy, wrath, sloth, gluttony, lust, and pride. On the top is a scale, varying from "saintly" to "devilish" and using the change in color, from gold to burgundy, to represent that scale on the map. It's a very simple visualization but it was just interesting to know that you can pretty much map out anything you want. Who would have thought that someone would map out the sins committed in the United States? On one hand, you can view this visualization for what it is-a mapping of the seven deadly sins. At the same time, you can see what kind of crimes are most prevalent in which parts of the United States. It's truly amazing the kind of detail and message that can be embedded in visualizations.

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