Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Visually Appealing - So's Reel Thoughts

One of my friends has a blog where she critiques and reviews movies as well as discuss directors, trailers, and other news in the movie industry. Her blog can be found at:

Essentially her blog has many visually appealing aspects found in a lot of blogs today. The background and header are completely customizable and she is able to embed Youtube video's - in a visually appealing way - for trailers in a manner where they can be played right there on the blog. Also her blog is split up into 2 sections; the main section is where the reviews, trailers, and general news are updated daily and arranged in chronological order and a sub section on the right side where personal information as well as movie reviews and upcoming movies can be found. This is a typical visually appealing aspects to a lot of blogs today in that it easily separates the changing section of the blog with general and mostly consistent information.

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