Monday, April 19, 2010

Automobile Blog

As a huge fan of cars I always like to surf the net and find out news, blogs and reviews about the latest cars and technology. I stumbled upon a blog a while ago that I occasionally visit by NY Times that blogs about many different car-related stories from new technology implemented in certain automobiles to outrageous accidents that happen with expensive luxury cars. I prefer this blog over many other automobile blogs because the layout of this blog is simple and easy to navigate through; its easy to see the posts, when they were posted, and the comments link underneath it that leads to bloggers comments in regards to the post. Unlike other blogs which I have stumbled upon like , this blog isn't overloaded with advertisements and un-proportional images that distract me. Moreover the pictures that are uploaded are not too small or big to take up a lot of the page. On the right side of the posts, it displays the most recent posts with a caption and short subheading making it easy to navigate around the blog and go to whichever new blog post you want.

Another feature that I like is the search option where i can search the blog entries for specific keywords such as Acura, which returns all the blog entries that talk about or mention Acura. There is also a lot of functionality with the blog such as the ability to email, print, and share it via social networking sites such as Facebook, Digg, and LinkedIn. Another feature I like about this blog is that in the posts, certain keywords are hyperlinked to different articles which give more information about the keyword or topic. Another feature that distinguishes this simple, clear and informative blog is that it displays updates on topics; if a part of a post has been changed or there is new information on a post, it says updated in bold and the time at the top of the post. Therefore I found this blog to be visually appealing, not cluttered and was perfect for this blog topic.

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