Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Visually Appealing Blog

The blog: FailBlog.org is one of the funniest blogs on the Internet with new content daily. The term "Fail" has grown during the Internet age used to describe a screwup, in the 80's a fail would have been called a blooper.

On the FailBlog people upload images and videos of screw ups from all over the world. Usually the images and videos "fails" are self evident, however the poster has the option to post a title of the fail which sometimes helps.

This is an example of a "parking fail".

In this example the image is photo shopped to show what the fail is:

By using arrows the image is able to speak for itself.

Most posts like this one are self evident:

The beauty of the site is most images like the following are not only self evident. If a person actually needed you to explain the joke then you would probably not think it was funny.

A quality of a good fail blog post has with a theatrical set design is that difficulty is appreciated. In set design it was explained that the audience is able to identify sets that are difficult, expensive or labor intensive to produce and will appreciate them more. The same quality holds with fail blog posts, images that are expensive or difficult to produce are also viewed more favorably. There is no validity checks done to ensure that the images are not staged, however if the image is two new cars stacked on each other ruining both cars it is assumed that it is more likely to be real and not staged.

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