Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dumb Little Man

I really enjoy reading the blog DumbLittleMan: http://www.dumblittleman.com/
One of the first things that really caught my eye in this blog was part of the header which says the following:

Welcome to Dumb Little Man! Each week we provide a handful of tips that will save you money, increase your productivity, or simply keep you sane

I thought it was pretty funny, and I felt this site could be applicable to me because I need to save money, not procrastinate, and stay sane too. The blog talks about different tips and tricks to helping individuals out in their daily lives and can range from self help to money saving and how to be a happier person. I enjoy reading these mainly because they have these tips that I never would have thought about on my own that I can easily apply to myself and my life.
I feel that the blog does an excellent job of linking their titles to a themed picture. By quickly scrolling up and down the page, a reader can quickly asses the different new articles available and choose which one he/she wants to read. There was one that especially caught my eye today as I quickly browsed which talks about 5 extraordinary benefits of martial arts. The title alone probably wouldn't have attracted me while i was quickly skimming, but the picture made me stop for a second since I used to take martial arts and was curious as to what the authors had to say about it. The layout is very simple and efficient, allowing readers quick access to whatever they please, which is a large contributor to why I really enjoy reading articles from this site.

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