Sunday, April 18, 2010

Webguru Blog Website

I choose the Webguru blog ( as one of the good examples to illustrate the visual appeal and the blog technology supports visual aspects.

In the digital era, most daily activities are related to the Internet. visitors prefer doing shopping, blogging, social-networking and sharing ideas online. How the visitors decide their favorite websites to match their interests? The most important factor is visual appeal. As we know, the first impression is enough to catch visitors' eyeballs. When I first time open the Webguru blog website, I have been caught by its design style and the organized layout. It has an orderly look with appropriate margins, and the color scheme makes it aesthetically. The navigational function is on its right column. Visitors and users could easily recognize different sections by posts, comments,topics, categories and archives. Those sections are related to their corresponding links. It is clear that those texts are clickable, which is also the visual appeal to visitors and users.

Secondly, the consistency is part of the visual appeal. I could find there is a unique layout for the complete blog website. Unlike most of the popular blogs, there is no any advertisement on Webguru blog. I like this blog because I can escape from the annoying web advertisements. In addition, the flexibility on this site is good too. You do not have to sign in to make any comments. With the search function, you would find your specific topic easily.

Finally, I would like to talk about more its blog technology supports visual aspects. It is allowed to add pictures and videos into the blog. The combination of texts and suitable size of picture or video makes the blog lively. Moreover, the visitors or users could share the blog by most popular services in the Internet world, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz or Blogger, etc. Webguru blog provides lots of options for people to share.

In brief, I like the design of Webguru blog. The simplicity and flexibility bring us the visual appeal and the efficiency of use.

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