Monday, April 19, 2010

Visually Appealing Blog

Photoblogs are visually appealing by the nature of their contents rather than just their designs. One particularly good example of this is the big picture photoblog. Its photo collections can often be found on the top pages of social news aggregation sites such as Digg, and for good reason. Every few days, a new themed entry is published containing visually stunning photographs from news and photo agencies such as Reuters, AP, and Getty images. The themes typically relate to current events. For example, recent blog topics included the volcano in Iceland, the space shuttle mission, and a recap of the last month in Afghanistan.

While the photos are impressive on their own, the blog itself is also designed well. The layout is very simple. On the main page, each entry is listed with the title, a brief description, and the first picture from that entry. Within each post, large, high resolution photographs are listed vertically down the page. Each image is numbered and has its own caption. Blog viewers can jump from one image to the next directly using the j and k keys, which is a nice feature that I always forget to use. All of the comments on a particular photo set are listed below the pictures.

On an unrelated note, I feel that the blog for this class could use a better theme. I believe Dan Morgan had a suggestion for better themes in his earlier post.

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