Sunday, April 18, 2010


Being an avid programmer I love the Reddit blog. It has some very instructional blog posts and it ranks posts based on the number of views it has received. This helps readers filter out the nonsensical posts that many post and helps readers locate blog entries that contain interesting material. Reddit also allows for easy uploading of picture and supports external links in a very user friendly manner. Bloggers can choose to upload a link directly to the topic itself so that when other bloggers try to view the topic that interests them, they are navigated to another website that contains the relevant information.

The structure of Reddit is also very simple and easy to understand. Various topics are outlines towards to the top of the website and thus a user can navigate to a topic of interest at any time without any regards to how deep they are into the website or which topic they are currently browsing.

Reddit also supports a search feature that can accessed from any page throughout the website; this makes the user's task of navigating between webpages fairly simple and also helps locate blogs pertaining to their interests. Reddit, however, asks user to sign in before making a blog comment or posting a new entry in order to preserve the integrity of the website and tracking each post.

Another great feature about Reddit is that it doesn't have a lot of advertisement that would otherwise distract the user. Once your browser is pointed to, then it become extremely apparent as to how the website is supposed to be navigated. Reddit doesn't contain artistic graphics and and vivid imagery on its main page but rather supports a lot of information on its home page which allows the user to directly browse the website and read blogs that are interesting to them.

Reddit is one of the very few blogs I post on and read and is, by far, the blog that I spend the most time on. One interesting topics leads to another and all information is tailored to my needs and thus I am able to navigate the website fairly easily and am able to locate topics that interest me within seconds.

Another great feature about Reddit is that it supports RSS feeds to be collected from the website. I use this feature to collect all important information directly to my desktop using an application I built specifically for that purpose.

The Reddit website also follows many of the HCI guidelines along with web guidelines thus making it visually appealing while also allowing easy navigation throughout the website.

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