Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Gamers Play the Top 100 Games

This caught my eye yesterday, and being a gamer myself, I found it to be both interesting and humorous. Gamers are a very diverse bunch, so it's great to the distribution of that diversity (at least in terms of gaming interests). I'm well aware of how much gamers love competition, but it seems they love to save people (or the world) even more. Who would've thought? I also like how easy it is to view and understand this visual, with the colors being so bright and vibrant. It's also helpful that when they are used for the comparisons they are easy to differentiate from one another. I also like how it's just not one graph here, but several. The others are further breakdowns of other categories, including a statistic on the sort of person who needs the most rescuing. Less interesting, and more amusing for that visual.

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