Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Blog that Appeals to Me in a Visual Manner

The blogging portion of a Starcraft community site,, has a very clean and crisp visage, much like that of the morning dew at sunrise. If your eyes would fancy feasting upon one of the numerous blogs available: ( ) would do you quite well. The background is a pleasant and non-invasive waltz of harmonious light blue and serene grey. Each blog post is separated by a very apparent and caliginous black line that allows myself to traverse the different blog posts with much facilitation. Below the blog content is an underlined "comments" link that one cannot miss even if one were blind. To top off this lovely soiree of a blog, the blog title is presented in a bold that very much so sets it apart from the contents of the blog. A very exquisite blog style if I do say so myself!

Until next time. farewell!

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