Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blog Technology - Windows Live Writer

For a previous course I used Windows Live Writer to post a blog about Windows 7. I think it's relevant to this discussion, so I'm going to adapt my post for this class.

So: What the heck is it? Basically, it looks like a stripped-down version of Microsoft Word, but it also conforms itself to your particular blog’s theme. This might sound a little confusing so how ‘bout a picture:



So as you can see, the interface is fairly simple. When you first start the program, you can sync it to a blog of your choice, and it loads your particular theme and will let you publish straight to your blog from this tool.

It’s pretty neat…while the tool isn’t very flashy, it’s much nicer than the small text boxes Blogger gives you by default, and you can easily save post drafts for later use. On the right you can see the different media we can insert; I’m going to test each one now.

Hyperlink Test

We’ve already done a picture.

Here’s a photo album:

Basically, you add photos from your computer, and it creates an album for you. It seems to tie into some Windows Live service as well, because you can add photos from an existing album, but alas, I do not have any :(



and a
table yay



and a map:

Map picture

Basically you type in a location, search, and insert. Very simple.


The “Tags…” function lets you insert tags from Technorati, LiveJournal, Flickr, del.icio.us, IceRocket, 43Things, BuzzNet, or one of your own custom providers. Here’s what happens when you create Flickr tags:


and finally, a video clip. You can give it a video URL, upload your own straight from your computer (it seems to integrate with YouTube and something called SoapBox (must be Microsoft’s version), or you can choose “From Video Service,” sign into either of these services, and get a list of the videos you have uploaded previously, and insert them.



Well, there you have it. A simple, easy-to-use program for sure. Not very flashy, but hey…it works.

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