Thursday, April 15, 2010

Express Your Style

Polyvore opens blogging to more than just words. It allows for a display of creativity through fashion statements, interior designs, collages, and so forth. It allows for those who struggle to find the right words to express their thoughts and emotions with images.
Each page seen is regarded as a "set". Users can either save items found in other sets or search the web for new images. Then to edit/create their set, users simply drag items back and forth and have a number of editing options such as adding text, enlarging/minimizing, cropping, positioning of items, and transparency options. Like other blogs, users can post comments on other sets. Another feature of Polyvore is that many of the the items seen in the sets are linked to the sites of the actual products. For instance with the sets above, if a user likes the red dress and accessories, he/she can click on the items and be directed to the purchasing sites. Overall I think Polyvore has developed an incredible concept and should definitely be explored.

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