Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Visualizing Obama's $780 Billion Stimulus Plan

While we can know all the details of Obama's Stimulus Plan to get us out of this recession, it's hard for us to imagine just how BIG is $780 billion dollars. Similar to the video that was presented to us in class, using pennies as a representation of a bundle of dollars, the following visualization uses the same technique to represent this $780 billion bundle. I personally like these kind of visualizations because it turns into something that our minds have no imagination for into something that we can comprehend. To me, it's almost more powerful than numbers, bars, circles, and colors. I can calculate percentages, but because I have never seen $780 billions of cash in front of me, it's hard for me to really capture the enormity of $780 billion, other than the obvious meanings of the number 780 and the word billion.

....and this is barely half of $780 billion dollars.

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  1. man i love these money visualizations. It's pretty crazy seeing the scope of the bailouts and economic recovery plans