Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Economic Visualization

This visualization shows the projected 2010 GDP growth in 40 selected countries. Because the global economy is performing better than it has been in recent years, most of the countries have a positive year-to-year change in GDP. In the map, countries with a dark orange color are among the fast growers. Countries in a dark blue are those with severely declining annual GDPs. If a country is white, light grey, or a light tan color then that country has little growth, no growth, or a small decline in GDP. Countries that are a dark grey color are not represented by this visualization.

In class we learned that about 10% of people are color blind, most to red and green. This visualization does a good job of creating opposite ends of the color spectrum because orange and blue are rarely mixed up. Most people who are color blind have the M-cone defect. In this defect blue and orange are easily distinguishable. There should be no problem in telling orange and blue apart, even if you are color blind.

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