Friday, May 7, 2010

Global Recession Status

(Figure 1, June, 2009)

(Figure 2, May, 2010)

The above visualizations represent the global recession trend from the mid 2009 to nowadays. Obviously, the figure 1 shows many countries were in recession which indicated with red color in June, 2009. The audiences could recognize only few Asia countries were expanding at the same time, such as China, India and some South-East Asia countries. After a year, the global economy has been recovering in most of the recession regions. The figure 2 would give us the clear picture on the global recession status In May, 2010. Comparing to figure 1 and figure 2, those countries in recession in the figure 1 have become recovering in the figure 2. In the meanwhile, some countries in the moderating condition in the figure 1 have become recovering , or even expanding in the figure 2. That's probably a good signal about the global recession period have been over soon, and the global economy is getting better and better. From those two pictures, the recession effect is shown perfectly with mapping the theme with color representations.

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