Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Housing Bubble

I thought this visualization showed a very interesting pattern in housing purchases for almost 5 decades. This depiction really attracted my attention at first because of the unusual shape of the bar graph. This is the first one i have seen in a circular shape, but I think it does a great job getting its point across. One of the things this chart does best is to show the ups and downs of housing growth (and the economy in general). Readers can clearly see the patterns that form with the bars even though it is not in a horizontal orientation. One thing i really liked about this graph was the position of what seems to be the most important or relevant information, which is the years 2000-2009. These are placed in the top left corner, which is usually the first place people look. If this were a horizontal chart, the focus would be drawn to the middle of the chart, the 80's-90's where there was less significant change. The values were also clearly marked by the outer circles, which was very helpful in identifying values. Lastly, I really liked how the high and low points were clearly marked by different colored tabs, which easily drew my attention.

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