Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Europe's Web of Debt

I came across this visually appealing network/star diagram which does a pretty good job at revealing Europe's major financial crisis regarding debt owed between the major European economies. The creator's of this visualization did a good job at representing the data presented by this graphic by using proportion mapping correctly. IE> The size of each of the circles and arrows grow and shrink according to the amount of debt owed to the other countries. This visualization also does a good job with use of colors in that each of the 5 different European countries are presented as different colors, which helps with easy identification of the 5 different countries. The text presented on this diagram is also easy to distinguish and view because of the good combinations of text colors meshed with background colors. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this visualization and the way it presents the data.

Figure 1: Europe's Web of Debt

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