Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A well-organized blog that is easy on my eyes

I frequent Gizmodo ( quite often, but it wasn't until the reading the criteria for this week's blog entry that I became aware of the site's presentation. The center column consists of the main entries, accompanied by pictures, some small some large. I find the larger pictures tend to attract me to more interesting topics. The site layout is visually appealing to me due to its ability to blog about so many different tech topics while not making the viewer feel overwhelmed. Post date, number of views, and number of comments are neatly presented to the right of each entry. There are tabs tucked away at the top to connect to any of the sister websites and even the advertisements seem to be subtle. If I don't want to spend time reading each posts' summary, I find I can scroll through the site until I find an appealing picture, as they are almost like a stream down the center.

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